Using Plurimath

Conversions across multiple math representational languages is a core feature of Plurimath. To make it even more accessible, you can easily perform conversions by specifying the input string’s type.

Author’s picture Suleman Uzair Author’s picture Ronald Tse on 21 Aug 2023

Licensing and availability of math fonts

Accurate rendering of math depends on the underlying font providing full coverage and accurate representation of math symbols. However, not all dedicated math fonts are offered under an open license. So which font should we use?

Author’s picture Ronald Tse on 19 Aug 2023

Coverage of LaTeX math symbols in dedicated math fonts

Plurimath supports all math symbols supported in LaTeX — however not all math fonts provide sufficient glyph coverage for all those symbols. This post compares four most popular fonts used for math rendering.

Author’s picture Alexander Dyuzhev Author’s picture Ronald Tse on 14 Aug 2023

Introducing Plurimath

Plurimath is created to convert between multiple math representational languages, including MathML, LaTeX math, OMML and AsciiMath.